About Us

Since 1987, Civicorps Recycling has provided high-quality recycling collections to businesses across the East Bay, while also training youth to enter lucrative truck driving careers.  We are the largest non-profit recycler in the East Bay.

Civicorps Recycling is a social enterprise of Civicorps, a non-profit located in West Oakland since 1983.  We re-engage young adults, age 18-26, to earn a high-school diploma, gain job skills, pursue college, and embark on family sustaining careers. Learn more about Civicorps’ life-changing programs for East Bay youth, age 18-26.

We offer a Teamster Truck Driver Career Pathway, the only free truck driver training program for youth in the East Bay. This program is the result of a pioneering partnership between Civicorps Recycling, Waste Management, Teamsters Local 70, and the City of Oakland.

Alameda County ordinance requires that all commercial businesses, non-profits and institutions must have recycling services. Choose Civicorps Recycling because our services offer triple bottom line — financial, social and environmental— benefits.


You save money from our recycling services that are 40-50% lower cost than current garbage rates.


Your business helps resilient young adults train to enter high-demand careers.


The more you recycle, the less trash will go to landfills.