Civicorps was pleased to support Transform Don’t Trash NYC, a campaign to transform the commercial waste industry in New York City to create good jobs and clean and safe communities for all New Yorkers.  Why was Civicorps involved all the way out here in Oakland?  Turns out the good folks at Transform Don’t Trash NYC have been following our Teamster Truck Driver Career Pathway Program for several years; they view it as a model of how a city can intentionally become more environmentally and economically sustainable—and a much better place to work and live. They reached out to ask for our participation in a report entitled “Just Jobs for Waste Workers“. The report features interviews with seven workers in the sanitation industry from around New York and the rest of the country, highlighting how waste jobs can be safe and family-supporting jobs. Among the seven interviewees were our Recycling interns and drivers, who were even featured on the front cover of the report!  A few months later, the Transform Don’t Trash NYC coalition enjoyed a huge legislative victory as the NYC City Council passed a major overhaul of New York City’s commercial trash collection system.  Congrats, NYC!