Featured Partner: Farmstead Cheeses and Wines
Purveyors of Epicurean Delights in the Heart of the East Bay

With wine country just an hour north of the bay, it becomes a nearly impossible feat to live in the Bay Area and not become a wine connoisseur. While a leisurely stroll among the vineyards is an often welcome retreat for hard-working city slickers, there are times when a quick trip to the local wine shop is all that time – and finances – permit. That’s where Farmstead Cheeses and Wines comes in.

Jeff Diamond and his wife Carol Huntington have been serving the East Bay community to that end through Farmstead Cheeses and Wines for the last 13 years, first in the Alameda Marketplace, and later in Montclair Village in Oakland. We got the chance to chat with Jeff and learn more about what makes Farmstead truly special among local wine and cheese purveyors.

Civicorps Recycling (CR): What does Farmstead do differently from other local wine shops?

Jeff Diamond (JD): One thing that separates Farmstead from other stores is our amazing selection of rosé wines; we have up to 40 different selections at any time, totalling over 75 different rosé during the season – way more than any other shop in the East Bay. After decades of dominance of white zinfandels, dry rosé wines have been making a comeback for the past several years.

CR: Why do you think rosés are gaining favor once again?

JD: Pink wines are by far the easiest to pair with a wide variety of foods, making them an easy and versatile selection to take to dinner parties and serve to guests with varying tastes.

CR: To what else do you attribute Farmstead’s success in the East Bay?

JD: Like other wine shops, Farmstead conducts educational and fun wine tastings throughout the week for a nominal fee of $1 dollar to taste a flight of four to six different selections. But unlike other shops, 100% of our tasting fee is donated to local schools. Every year, we donate over $10,000 to public schools in Oakland and Alameda. What better way to donate than by doing something you love, like wine tasting?

Farmstead_Recycling_BinCR: How has Civicorps Recycling service factored into your business?

JD: The service has been reliable and the youth who pick up our recycling have been both personable and professional.

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs on services, and when I looked at the competitors, I realized the costs were about the same – but with Civicorps, I feel like my money is going further and creating a positive social impact.

CR: Last question–what is your favorite wine and cheese that you carry?

JD: We have over 650 wines and 100 cheeses, so it would be hard to pick a favorite!

Join Jeff at Farmstead for $1 wine tastings on the following days:
Alameda: Fridays: 5:30-7:30 and Saturdays: 3-5
Montclair Village: Fridays: 5:00-7:30 and Saturdays: 2-5