Café Platano

Nicolas “Nico” Sanchez has been cooking in the kitchen and the community for more than 15 years. He owns three restaurants in the Bay Area, teaches youth about running a business, and raises funds for the prevention of child abuse, soccer coaching, and assisting families with health care, education and job training.

Cafe Platano and Civicorps RecyclingWhy did you choose Civicorps Recycling for your service?

I’m passionate about working with youth and the community. Civicorps Recycling deserves my business because of what they do in the community. Civicorps sets itself apart from other recycling companies that are just here to collect your cans.

Don’t get me wrong – keeping the environment clean is a good thing to do, but Civicorps Recycling does more than that. As a customer of Civicorps Recycling I know that I’m helping the planet, as well as helping youth get job training and an education.

How do our services assist you with your business?

The restaurant industry produces a lot of waste on a daily basis. We’re not a “green business,” but we are environmentally conscious and I feel good helping to solve the waste problem instead of adding to it.

We stand out in all of our locations by being a clean business. Customers appreciate the care we put into our food and keeping our communities clean. Other businesses in the area look to us as the standard to follow.

How have you liked doing business with us?

I’ve loved it and will continue to do business with Civicorps Recycling. Civicorps always pick up our waste in a timely fashion and I appreciate that. I also rest assured knowing that by working with Civicorps Recycling I’m helping someone turn their life around instead of just helping another corporation get rich.