Civicorps Recycling is thrilled to be in partnership with Mills College as they launch their waste diversion initiative for the entire college. This initiative works to raise environmental awareness and to ensure that recycling is a priority for all students and staff. Together, Mills College and Civicorps “Make Oakland Look Good.”

Civicorps Recycling’s long-time partner, Mills College, was recently voted #18 in The Princeton Review’s Guide to 353 Green Colleges (2015); and is nationally recognized as a “green campus.”

Featured Partner: Mills College - A Green Campus / Civicorps

Recently we walked the sparkling clean campus with the three women responsible this groundbreaking initiative: Associate Vice President of Operations Linda Zitzner, Campus Architect Karen Fiene, and Sustainability Coordinator Nicole Gaetjens.

Why did you choose Civicorps Recycling for your service?
We value that Civicorps Recycling is an Oakland-based organization that offers low-cost, high-quality services. We have been working with Civicorps Recycling for more than 15 years because 1) Civicorps helps us accomplish our sustainability goal of zero waste, and 2) we believe in their mission to educate and employ local youth.

How have you liked doing business with us?
We love doing business with Civicorps Recycling and the drivers are great to work with! They are appreciated by the campus community. We hear good things about how timely, pleasant and professional they are from all of the departments.

How do our services assist you with your business?
Civicorps Recycling provides us with affordable recycling collection throughout our entire campus. It’s difficult to keep a school this size clean, but because of Civicorps Recycling responsive staff and specialized service, we are able to accomplish this goal.

Civicorps Recycling also provides us with the data we need to see how our program is doing in comparison to other campuses. This data was instrumental in our being designated a “green campus.” We also believe that that distinction helps bring students to Mills College because then they know we are as committed to the environment as they are.

Together, we are working to keep our campus clean and our students inspired to protect the environment.